Join the Prosperity Game

Have you ever played the Prosperity Game? It's a great way to explore and shift money beliefs!

If you're ready to take a deeper dive into your money beliefs and gain some insight into what might be blocking the flow of financial abundance into your life, the Prosperity Game is a fun way to explore!

I've participated in this challenge several times and each time I got a little clearer about where I was getting hung up. In addition, I learned so much from other people and got ideas that actually helped increase my cash flow! Ultimately, the Prosperity Game helped me clear some old blocks,  visualize my desired financial situation and helped me manifest my dream property.

It's simple. It's powerful. It's fun. And it might cause you to stretch a bit, but in all good ways if increasing financial abundance is what you'd like to do.

It takes just a few minutes every other Monday, Wednesday and Friday for a month starting on August 11th. And it's only $20.00 to participate. 

Click to join via Paypal

Once you sign up you'll receive a link to a private Facebook group where the game will take place over the course of one month.  Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, you'll receive an email message and a check. You'll click through to the Facebook group and answer two simple questions about where you got the money and what you're going to do with it.

It sounds simple. And it is. And I promise you that if you play full out, you'll experience a shift and will learn and grow from other participants' experience and sharing.

It will have you stepping out of your money comfort zone and into the place where magical abundance happens! For real.

Click here to join via Paypal. Credit cards are accepted.

Game starts August 11th. Once you register, details and the game link will be emailed by August 1st.