Take Back Control Of Your Life 14-Day Challenge

Here's Why We Don't Always Take Steps Toward Success...

Let's be honest. We all know we need motivation to stick with our goals. But with busy lives, we may not always take the steps we know will bring us success. That’s why we need others — friends, colleagues, and personal accountability partners — to help us stay on track. So recently, I've decided to share what I think is the ultimate tool for keeping us constantly in action toward discovering our "why" and achieving the life of our dreams while creating a community of support for the journey.

When you decide to join us, it’s like being accepted into a uniquely powerful community — an inner circle of friends and contacts.. Best of all, it’s completely FREE to join and starts on Sunday, April 7th.

Meet Trisha Jacobson, The Host of the Take Back Control Of Your Life 14-Day Challenge

I am passionately committed to helping people release fear, overcome subconscious blocks, embrace their personal values and follow their heart while using proven principles of success to create their ideal life. I teach conscious, subconscious and heart-centered tools to reduce stress, raise self-esteem and inspire my students to develop goals, action steps and accountability plans that lead to success and fulfillment.

Hosted by:

Trisha Jacobson

What Can You Expect

Over the next 14 days, you’ll:

- Resolve long-standing troubling situations and move forward without stress
- Become proactive about your future, instead of blaming and complaining
- Respond differently to unexpected disasters and unexpected opportunities
- Master the #1 habit that top achievers use to stay focused and on purpose (hint: it’s not time management or a 3x5 card)

A 14-Day Challenge Workbook is included FREE when you become part of my inner circle online.

Meet new friends, swap stories, share your biggest wins, participate in guided discussions. You never know who you’ll connect with in this amazing new online community — or what they’ll mean to your future!

Can’t Wait to Get Started With You on Sunday, April 7th!