Lead Like a Woman

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When it comes to gender equality in the workplace, our society is better than it’s been in decades - however, there’s still a long way to go! I am facilitating this email series as a way to inspire women with stories of other women who have pushed past gender bias and paved the way for the rest of us.

Over an eight-week period, it’s my goal to get you feeling empowered to step up against challenges, jump up over hurdles, and hold your head up high as you climb up toward your goals.

Whether you’re looking to get ahead at work or just want a little boost of female energy and power in your inbox, this email series is perfect for you!

Meet Trisha Jacobson, The Facilitator of Lead Like a Woman

I am passionately committed to helping people release fear, overcome subconscious blocks, embrace their personal values and follow their heart while using proven principles of success to create their ideal life. I teach conscious, subconscious and heart-centered tools to reduce stress, raise self-esteem and inspire my students to develop goals, action steps and accountability plans that lead to success and fulfillment.

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Trisha Jacobson

Show The World What You Can Bring To The Table

When most people think of a leader, they think of a man - and that needs to change! Women are just as capable of holding leadership positions, and anyone who thinks otherwise is going to be proven wrong by YOU!

Decades of work have already gone into the systemic and cultural shifts that make up the world around us. As of 2019, there are 23 women in the U.S. Senate - a historic high, and the number of women in the House jumped 8 percent in the last decade. While there’s still a wage gap between the average salaries of men and women, that gap is getting smaller. There’s more representation than there has been in decades of strong women in our media, and finally, our stories are being told in a way that isn’t created through the male gaze.

We have thousands of incredible women to thank for these advances, including the women included in this email series!

I hope you decide to sign up so that you can get inspired by their amazing stories ... and, like they did, own your story and the power that your challenges have created within you and bring that power forth into the world.

I can't wait to share Lead Like a Woman with you!